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Who we are

代表・理事長Maki Muraki

‘Nijiiro’ means rainbow in Japanese. Since the establishment of Nijiiro Diversity in 2013, the organization has been encouraging diversity, inclusion, and individual agency in the workplace.
We are the first non-profit organization in Japan to take on issues like LGBTQ+ discrimination in the workplace, and attempts to create change by providing research data, informational lectures, training and consultations for corporations, government agencies and academic institutions.
Maki Muraki is the founder/director of Nijiiro Diversity. She is a lesbian and one of the most renown LGBTQ+ activist in Japan.

Our Goal

Bridging the gaps for diversity and inclusion.

Nijijiro Diversity attempts to bridge the gaps facing the LGBT community within society.
We hope to gift future generations a better society for all, regardless of their sexual
orientation, gender identity.

What we do

Bridging the gaps for diversity and inclusion.

Nijiiro Diversity defends human rights and the dignity of LGBT people, their families and allies.
We continue to invest in research and development toward a more equitable
and rewarding society where no one is left behind.
We focus on changing companies, governments, and the law.


  • 2015 Google Impact Challenge 2015
  • 2016 Nikkei Social Initiative Award: Grand Prize
  • 2017 Nikkei Woman of the Year: Change Maker Award
  • 2020 Osaka Bar Association: Human Rights Award

Japan Today

  • More discriminative behaviors…
    2-3 times more likely
    to have depression.

  • 40% of major companies
    have introduced some LGBTQ
    +measures in the workplace.

  • Same-sex marriage
    is still ILLEGAL.



  • Lawsuits for same-sex marriage
    have been going on since 2019.
  • There is no comprehensive
    anti-discrimination law at the moment.
  • In order to change your gender,
    you will need a medical certificate
    and also complete the gonadal removal surgery.
  • Has been warned by
    the United Nations Human Rights Council
    regarding the development of relevant legislations.


  • About 40% of municipalities have introduced
    Same-sex Partnership System,
    and the number is rising.
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity
    are not included in municipalities’ and country’s statistic,
    making the research incomplete.
  • Currently, municipalities
    with systematic support program,
    such as consulting and community-building,
    are very few.


  • In 2020, discrimination and outing
    someones sexual orientation/gender identity
    have been listed in the anti-harassment law.
  • There are about 40% of people that
    experiences harassment frequently in the workplace
  • 40% of major corporations havesome kind of
    anti-discrimination policy or training program
    (for mid-size and small companies,
    these measures are not introduced yet)


  • Over 65% of Japanese citizens
    support Same-sex Marriage.
  • There is no opposition from religious perspective,
    but the conservative norms
    prevent measures to be implemented.
  • The social and economic losses from
    LGBTQ+ individuals’ depression and suicides
    are estimated to be around 1.8 to 5.0 billion dollars.

What we do


・Conducted a survey regarding LGBTQ+ individuals and workplace environment, in partnership with academic researchers, which had over 10,000 participants.

・Made an impact to the Japanese society by providing a reliable data about LGBTQ+ community’s financial distress and physical/mental health.


・Support companies’ and administrations’ measures by operating “NIJI BRIDGE“, a campaign site calling for social action.

・Creating the list of companies that support marriage equality.


・Providing LGBTQ+ training and consultation service to over 200 major corporations.

・Published books like “Nijiiro Changemaker” (2020), “Handbook for Transgender and Workplace Environment” (2019), and “LGBTQ+ reader for workplace” (2015).

・Rapidly increased number of major corporations with LGBTQ+ measures (19.5% on 2014 to 33.8% on 2019), due to our operation facilitating the movement.

  • 01

    Visualized the current situation of LGBTQ+ community in
    Japan by partnering up with academic researchers.

    Conducted a survey about LGBTQ+ individuals and
    workplace environment, which has over 10,000 participants.

    Research on number of Same-sex Partnership System
    registered in all Japanese municipalities.

    Assisted the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare with its

  • 02

    Facilitating major companies’ LGBTQ+ measures.

    Major companies with LGBTQ+ measures in place; 19.5% in
    2014 to 33.8% in 2019 (Research by Toyo economics CSR).

    LGBTQ+ training and consultation service to more than 200 companies.

    Providing educational materials such as E-learning and booklets.

  • 03

    Promote regions’ LGBTQ+ measures while valuing the LGBTQ+ voices

    Entrusted with the Yodogawa-ku LGBTQ+ support project by
    the Osaka prefecture since 2014

    Assisted Japanese municipalities, such as Osaka,
    Shibuya-ku, Ibaragi, with their LGBTQ+ measures

    Participated in Osaka Marathon, and cooperated with other
    social issues.


Our operation is a vital piece in visualizing the current LGBTQ+ situation in Japan, and facilitating companies and government agencies’ policies. Better social movements in Japan also have a positive impact to Asia as a whole.
Japan is relatively a wealthy and stable country. However, the country does not have much budget regarding the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, there is very few support from individuals and foundations.
We are challenging these issues with just four full-time staffs. Please support our operation.
For Japanese companies and citizens, there is a tax incentive. If you wish to register for it, please inform us via email.

Bank account information

NAME NPO Nijiiro Diversity
1-12-15-601, Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku map
Osaka, Osaka, 530-0041
BANK MUFG Banlk, Ltd 1-5-13, Jusohonmachi, Yodokawa-ku
Osaka, Osaka, 532-0024
Branch Code: 068

For any inquiries about donation, please feel free to contact us below.
For Japanese companies and citizens, there is a tax incentive. If you wish to register for it, please inform us via email.

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