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Dokodemo Pride Caravan Event Report No. 2

2022年12月22日(木)に関西学院大学 西宮上ヶ原キャンパスで開催した「第2回 どこでもプライド・キャラバン」のレポートをお届けします!

We would like to give you a report about our second Dokodemo (meaning anywhere in Japanese) Pride Caravan event that we held at Kwansei Gakuin University, Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus on December 22, 2022!

「どこでもプライド・キャラバン」とは、「プライドセンター大阪」の機能を全国各地に届けるアウトリーチ・プロジェクトです。6色の虹色に装飾した「どこでもプライドセンター」号で全国を回り、LGBTQの社会的課題や「プライドセンター大阪」の存在や機能に関する情報発信を行います。今年度は、主に関西周辺の大学を訪問し、学生や教職員等に向けた情報発信活動をおこないます。先月に続き、第2回目として、関西学院大学 西宮上ヶ原キャンパスに訪問しました。

Dokodemo Pride Caravan is an outreach program of Pride Center Osaka. We aim to bring the services available at our center to everywhere in Japan. Our Dokodemo Pride Caravan that is decorated in 6 rainbow colors will travel across Japan to spread information regarding the social obstacles faced by the LGBTQ community and information regarding the Pride Center Osaka. This year, we are going to visit universities in Kansai region, and will spread information to students, faculty and staff. Following the first Dokodemo Caravan outreach event, this time we visited Kwansei Gakuin University Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus.



We displayed our Dokodemo Caravan at the Yoshida Memorial Hall near the campus’ main entrance, so many people would know about this event


We prepared the venue, and started our event for the lunch break.


We brought books and racks that we have at the Pride Center for people to feel like they are visiting our Pride Center.


With the presence of the Pride Center staff, we introduced the Pride Center Osaka at our table. 5 people came by.


We handed out 100 fliers to people on the streets and promoted our event.


From 3 p.m. we conducted an event in the library hall (University library B1). Starting with the greeting from Professor Sawada at Kwansei Gakuin University, we conducted a lecture on basic LGBTQ knowledge, introduced Price Center Osaka and Dokodemo Pride Caravan. Afterwards, we screened a film Kalanchoe.


After the film screening, participants conducted a group work and the they shared opinions regarding the film. All groups had lively discussions. We also showed a message video that we received from the Walt Disney Japan in support of the Pride Caravan project. Professor Takeda from Kwansei Gakuin University gave closing remarks. 15 people participated this event.





The voices of event participants:

“It was the most emotionally relatable film that I have ever watched. The group work was also easy to participate”

“Thank you for the seminars. They were easy to understand. I hope there will be more opportunities. The film was also easy to understand”

“There are more and more opportunities to discuss about LGBTQ in classes and university events. I feel that there have been more (LGBTQ related) vocabularies and changes. On the other hand, there must be many people who are not exposed to the topics surrounding LGBTQ. I hope that Disney involving itself (in LGBTQ rights advocacy) advances and brings changes to understandings on gender and laws in Japan”


The campus had a very nice Christmas lights!

次回の「どこでもプライド・キャラバン」は、2023年1月26日(木)に大阪経済法科大学 八尾駅前キャンパスで開催します。このプロジェクトには学生や教職員以外の方でも誰でも参加できるので、ぜひ気軽にご参加ください!

The next Dokodemo Pride Caravan will be held on January 26, 2023 at Osaka University of Economics and Law, Yao Campus. Students, faculty members, staff and anyone is welcome participate this event!



This project was possible thanks to the donation from Walt Disney Japan. We truly appreciate the support. We need your support and donation to continue our efforts. Donations to Nijiiro Diversity is eligible for tax exemption in Japan. Please check our donation page.


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