Workplace Equality for LGBT people in Japan

‘Nijiiro’ means ‘rainbow’ in Japanese. To us, it symbolizes not only the LGBT community, but also our mission of promoting diversity and inclusion in workplace. We are the first Japanese organization to take on these issues.

Japan Today

Homosexuality is NOT ILLEGAL in Japan, BUT…

  • There is no legal protection for same-sex partners
  • Anti-discrimination laws do not include LGBT people
  • The public is unaware of LGBT rights and issues due to the lack of education

Workplace Issues


  • Diversity programs and guidelines are mostly focused on women and workers with disabilities and exclude LGBT people
  • Fear of discrimination or harassment keeps many from being out at work
  • Stress, depression, and other mental health issues are common among LGBT workers but are not dealt with openly or effectively
  • Productivity, company loyalty, and worker morale suffer as a result

Our Activities

  • Educational training for companies, including Sony, Panasonic, Nissan, and Tokyo Gas, among others
  • One of ten finalists in the 2015 Google Impact Challenge.
    Received funding to develop an LGBT app.
  • Presenter at the 2014 Out&Equal Workplace Summit
  • Development of an LGBT workplace guide and workbook for employers

Our Research

Out of 1,815 LGBT and allies we surveyed in 2014 and 2,154 in 2015, 70% of LGBT respondents reported having heard ant-LGBT language at work

Our Services


-Seminars for corporations, government entities, and other groups
-Internet and other media interviews


-Company policy development and guidance
-LGBT marketing
-Support for transgender employees


-Annual LGBT workplace survey and analysis
-Internet corporate studies for specific LGBT issues and concerns
-Participation in international LGBT seminars and workshops


Like many NPOs and other organizations, we rely heavily on contributions from our supporters. For more informations about making a donation, please contact our office.

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